What is Medical Weight Loss with Tirzepatide?

At Angelic Lift, we understand that living a healthy lifestyle and losing weight is a lot more than just diet and exercise. Many individuals may struggle losing weight, even while making the proper lifestyle choices, and need extra assistance to reach their goals and a healthy weight.

We are excited to offer our patients the injectable weight loss medication, Tirzepatide, as a support option for patients as they move along their journey to achieving a healthier body and lifestyle. Our medical weight loss programs are a personalized solution that is designed to maximize weight loss results through multiple facets of health, from diet and exercise to mindset.

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Regular Visits and Guidance

Our Specialists are here to support you through each step of your medical weight loss journey with Tirzepatide. During your weight loss program, you can participate in regular one-on-one visits with one of our caring professionals. During these visits, your progress, and other vital health factors are carefully monitored to ensure optimal success and wellness.

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Weight Management Plan

Your personalized weight management plan with Tirzepatide can also be discussed during your regular visits. This plan can include weight loss strategies, such as diet and exercise tools, that are designed specifically for you and your needs. Our Specialists will work with you on implementing healthy eating habits, as well as effective exercise regimens for maximum fat burning results.

Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin supplements are essential for supporting the overall health of your body and body functions. Revitalizing vitamin supplements are included in our Tirzepatide weight loss plans to help increase energy, burn fat, and suppress appetite and cravings. Not only do they support weight loss results, but they also provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to perform and feel your best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tirzepatide is an injectable GLP-1 and GIP weight loss medication that is often used to treat Type II Diabetes while encouraging a healthy body weight. This safe and effective once-per-week injectable medication is approved for adult use under proper medical supervision.

When considering how Tirzepatide weight loss works, the answer is that this injectable mimics the presence of two hormones within the body. These hormones trigger increased feelings of fullness and satiety as well as even blood sugar levels. In turn, this leads to weight loss, as patients are less inclined to consume food and therefore consume fewer calories overall as a direct result.

For those who are asking what weight loss with Tirzepatide looks like, the answer is that it can vary between patients. On average, patients will lose about 3-5% of their body weight per month, with a total of about 25% of their body weight over the first year of use of Tirzepatide. This number can be directly affected by lifestyle habits of the patient, including their activity level and what they eat. In order to achieve the most effective results with Tirzepatide, it’s important to work with a team of professionals such as those at Angelic Lift to create a comprehensive weight loss program that suits your unique needs.

All medications typically come with some side effects, and Tirzepatide is not immune. The most common side effects of Tirzepatide include nausea, diarrhea, constipation and upset stomach.

If you’re wondering if there is a generic Tirzepatide or a more affordable version, unfortunately Tirzepatide is the generic. This medication is the generic version of two leading name-brand weight loss injections known as Mounjaro and Zepbound™, and is often the more affordable option for patients who are looking for budget-friendly weight loss medication. Because it is generic, some insurances are more inclined to cover Tirzepatide. However, this will vary from patient to patient and insurance plan to insurance plan. It’s important to work with an experienced organization and team of professionals such as those at Angelic Lift to help you find the right version of Tirzepatide to fit your needs and budget.

When determining the right weight loss medication to suit your needs, you may find yourself comparing Tirzepatide and Semaglutide. Both are injectable once-per-week medications that can help with both weight loss and Type II Diabetes with similar side effects. However, Tirzepatide does offer more substantial weight loss and better A1C levels in patients with regular use than Semaglutide. If you are unsure of which medication is best suited for your lifestyle, our expert team at Angelic Lift is happy to assist you in determining the right option for your unique needs.

When comparing Tirzepatide and Mounjaro, there is only one key difference – the name. Tirzepatide is actually the generic form of Mounjaro and includes all of the same benefits, side effects and dosages.

After you’ve decided to take the plunge on a medical weight loss solution with Tirzepatide, it’s important to next find the right system of support and the right team of experts to help you along in your weight loss journey. At Angelic Lift, we employ a team of experienced professionals who will work with you to identify the ideal Tirzepatide dosing for weight loss for you, as well as the right method of obtaining your medication. Keep reading to discover more about what we offer in terms of support and how we can work with your insurance to potentially get coverage on this effective weight loss medication.

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Learn How to Lose Weight Fast… the Right Way!

Losing weight can be hard…especially with so much conflicting information available online on the subject. Let us help you make it a little easier with Tirzepatide!

With our experienced medical doctors and the most comprehensive weight loss programs available, we are able to design exactly what you need for your unique biochemistry and lifestyle.

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Some PPO Insurance accepted, but not required

You do not need insurance to see us here at Angelic Lift, since we offer affordable payment plans for medical weight loss. But, if you do have medical insurance, we accept some PPO health plans that we are in network with, such as Aetna or Cigna.
Patients with in-network PPO insurance pay only their co-pay (typically between $30 – $50). Some Out-of-Network plans may also be accepted, but co-insurance percentage will depend on your individual plan.

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If you are ready to take the next step towards living a healthy lifestyle and achieving your weight loss goals with Tirzepatide, reach out to the professionals here at Angelic Lift to learn more about exclusive Medical Weight Loss solutions and how they can benefit you. Contact us today and schedule your consultation for a slimmer and healthier you!

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