What is Medical Weight Loss at Angelic Lift?

At Angelic Lift, we understand that there is no one single answer to achieving a healthy lifestyle and losing weight. There are so many components that go into the process, not just diet and exercise. Many individuals struggle with losing weight, even while making the right lifestyle choices, and may need extra assistance to reach a healthy weight and their goals.

We are proud to offer our patients comprehensive medical weight loss programs to help them along their journey towards achieving a healthier lifestyle and healthier body. With a multi-faceted approach, our team of experts will work with you to create the perfect personalized program that includes diet, exercise and overall mindset. These fully-customized weight loss programs are often used in conjunction with prescription weight loss medications to achieve the best results.

Medical Weight Loss at Angelic Lift
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Does Insurance Cover Medical Weight Loss Programs?

If you are interested in pursuing a comprehensive medical weight loss program to help you reach your goals, you’re likely asking yourself, “Will insurance cover medical weight loss programs?” After all, the cost of a custom weight loss program can be quite high depending on the clinic or program that you opt for.

The wonderful truth about medical weight loss programs is that many insurance companies will cover them, at least in part. Many insurance plans will cover a particular type of medical weight loss program or medication when prescribed by a healthcare professional. This is especially true if the weight loss medication or weight loss program are being suggested to treat more health conditions than just obesity, including Type II Diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

For those who are curious about whether health insurance covers potential weight loss medications or weight loss programs, you can always refer to your benefits guide or reach out to your contact at the company for assistance. Many will be pleasantly surprised to find that their insurance will cover their medical weight loss programs or medication!

What Insurance Plans Cover Weight Loss Medication?

When considering what health insurance plans cover weight loss programs and medication, it’s important to remember that the field of health insurance is constantly changing and evolving. There can be no lasting list of insurance companies that cover weight loss medication, as they tend to change their policies year-to-year. Additionally, the actual coverage that health insurance companies offer often varies from patient to patient, depending on their individual needs and health concerns.

If you’re wondering how to get insurance to cover weight loss programs, we’re happy to help. At Angelic Lift, we employ a professional team of experts who have plenty of experience in working with insurance companies to cover weight loss plans and weight loss medication. We’ll be happy to help you determine if you have the proper coverage for the medications and programs that you are interested in. And if your treatment is not covered, never fear – our programs are very affordable and we will be happy to work with you to tailor the cost and identify the right methods to fit your needs and stay within your budget.

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Does Medicare Cover Weight Loss Programs?

Unfortunately, when using Medicare to cover weight loss programs, the answer isn’t quite as clear as using health insurance. With Medicare, certain types of medical weight loss methods are covered when used to treat additional health conditions, such as Type II Diabetes. These medical weight loss methods are often surgical rather than focusing on diet and exercise, including bariatric surgery. However, the common theme is that with Medicare, most weight loss medications and programs are not covered.

Are There Cheaper Alternatives for Medical Weight Loss?

For budget-conscious individuals who are worried that they won’t get insurance coverage on their weight loss medications, the good news is that there are more affordable alternatives to many of the leading name-brand weight loss medications. For example, if you are interested in a cheaper alternative to Wegovy or a more affordable alternative to Ozempic, you can opt for semaglutide for the same effects. Additionally, for anyone who is looking for a cheaper alternative to Mounjaro, tirzepatide is a great option that is just as safe and effective.

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