You’ve heard about other people being controlled by their hormones as part of the aging process. You never believed you would go through the same experience. But something happened after you turned a certain age. You feel like you are a clock that is winding down, running low on batteries. You have had a long list of symptoms that make you suspect your hormone levels are low. You figure it’s something you will have to accept for now. Think again. Hormone therapy could help you during this difficult time.

What are Signs You Have Low Hormones?

Age is one of the first considerations. If you start to experience symptoms of low hormones when you are approaching middle-age, your hormones could be the culprit. Your reproductive system slows down at this point in life. For women, menopause will set in. For men, andropause can be a problem. As reproductive hormone levels decrease, your body will start talking to you. You can expect to be tired and low on energy. Stamina decreases too. Interest in sexual intimacy may disappear. Sleep problems are common. Weight gain is another problem because your metabolism becomes sluggish. If you have had a significant change in your hormone levels, you will notice it. It may even make you feel like your life is on hold.

What Can You Do About Low Hormone Levels?

Hormone therapy is designed to boost your natural hormone levels. After consistent therapy, it will make you feel like you are bringing back your youth. It will help you to get your body on track again.

What Do You Need to Do to Get Your Hormone Therapy Started?

You need to see a qualified professional before you can begin hormone therapy. It’s very important that you come in and discuss your symptoms. In some cases, you may have another health condition that is causing symptoms that look like low hormone levels. Heart disease and high blood pressure can cause some similar symptoms. You want answers. Our expert can evaluate you and take a blood test to check your hormone levels. If you are a good candidate for hormone therapy, we will prescribe the type of therapy that is best for you.

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