There are several methods to deal with the symptoms of menopause. Some of these are natural methods and others are medical procedures. Almost everyone has already heard of a few of the home remedies for certain menopausal symptoms; however, the best solution for relieving menopause and its symptoms is hormone replacement therapy, or HRT. Here at Angelic Lift in Daytona Beach, we encourage you to learn more about your options for menopause relief.

Signs and Symptoms of Menopause

The best way to know if you have entered menopause is to get treated by a medical professional. They can easily check your hormone levels and determine if you have entered menopause. Symptoms to look out for if you think you may be entering menopause are night sweats, mood changes, irritability, unexplained change in weight, and change in sleeping patterns.

How Does HRT Help with Menopause Relief?

HRT is the process of putting hormones back into the body. The body stops producing these hormones naturally as we age, and this affects the body. Hormone replacement therapy can be used to replace the estrogen that is no longer being produced by a woman’s body. This relieves almost all menopausal symptoms and provides menopause relief. Men can benefit from hormone replacement therapy as well. In fact, men have their own version of menopause. It’s called andropause.

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