Many women find themselves struggling with brain fog while they go through menopause. They can’t remember where they put their keys, they walk into a room and can’t remember why, they struggle to produce a word or a name they know well. It isn’t early-onset dementia, just the temporary effects of unbalanced hormones on the brain. During perimenopause, hormones fluctuate wildly as ovulation begins to stop. The normal progesterone spike that occurs every month may or may not occur, so estrogen predominates some of the time. As menopause proceeds, estrogen levels also drop, and eventually a new, normal stable low level of hormones is achieved. However, during the transition period, all parts of the body, especially the brain, may experience variations in optimal functioning. Brain fog can affect your job, personal relationships, and general quality of life, but bio-identical hormone therapy can help.


Treatment to relieve brain fog and other perimenopausal symptoms requires regular blood tests to monitor the fluctuating natural levels of hormones in order to prescribe the correct dosage of the bio-identical hormones necessary to stabilize hormone levels at an effective level to relieve symptoms. As perimenopause progresses to menopause, frequent dosage adjustments may be necessary as well as adjustments of the ratio of estrogen to progesterone being supplied to the body to achieve balance.


Bio-identical hormones can be administered in many different ways, including pills, patches, creams, and implants. Here at Angelic Lift, our hormones come in the form of tiny pellets placed under the skin, where they gradually dissolve and are continuously released into the body over time. These hormones should be replaced once every few weeks or months.

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